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The George J. Mitchell Scholarship, named to honor former US Senator George Mitchell's pivotal contribution to the Northern Ireland peace process, is designed to introduce and connect generations of future American leaders to the island of Ireland, while recognizing and fostering intellectual achievement, leadership, and a commitment to community and public service.

Up to twelve Mitchell Scholars between the ages of 18 and 30 are chosen annually for one academic year of postgraduate study in any discipline offered by institutions of higher learning in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Applicants are judged on three criteria:

  • scholarship,
  • leadership, and
  • a sustained commitment to community and public service.

The Mitchell Scholarship Program provides tuition, accommodation, a stipend for living expenses and travel.

Prospective Scholars must have a demonstrated record of intellectual distinction, leadership, and extra-curricular activity, as well as personal characteristics of honesty, integrity, fairness, and unselfish service to others which indicate a potential for future leadership and contribution to society. There are no restrictions as to academic field of study although the proposed course of study must be available at the university selected by the applicant and the applicant's undergraduate program must provide sufficient basis for study in the proposed field.

Learn more about the institutions at which Mitchell Scholars may study.



A Candidate for the Mitchell Scholarship Program must meet all the following criteria:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be 18 years of age or older, but not yet 30, on the deadline date.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university before beginning study as a Mitchell Scholar. Degrees from international accredited universities are acceptable, if all other conditions are met.
  • While married applicants or applicants with partners are accepted, no allowance is made for the expenses of an applicant’s spouse, partner, or dependents. It is important to note that the relevant government agency may require spouses or partners who are non-EU citizens to enroll full-time and prove financial resources for the year or to obtain a work permit before seeking paid employment in Ireland. Please check with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland for additional information.
Student Type
  • junior
  • senior
  • graduate
Citizen Type
  • Us Citizen

Let us know you're interested!

Whether you've made any firm decisions about applying, which universities/grad programs you're interested in, or are just getting started exploring, let us know you're considering UK options. Submit this very short interest form, and we'll connect with you for advising and to share resources.

What is the nomination requirement?

Undergraduate students must be nominated by the University of Washington to compete for the George Mitchell Scholarship. Graduate students and non-students are not required to be nominated. The University of Washington has a spring campus competition to identify its nominees, and uses a single application process to select nominees for the Marshall, Rhodes, Mitchell and Churchill scholarships. Interested applicants can apply for any or all of the scholarships within that group that are relevant to their goals for study and/or research at universities in the UK & Ireland. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship does not require university nomination, but we include it in the campus application as well to provide support to students applying.

After the campus application deadline, a campus selection committee composed of UW faculty and staff members will review applications and determine which applicants can be nominated for each scholarship, based on each applicant's potential competitiveness for the rigorous national and international selection processes, and considering each individual scholarship's criteria and mission. Interviews may be included in that campus selection process. Those students/alumni able to be nominated for any of these scholarships will receive support and guidance in completing the official program applications throughout the summer, in preparation to meet the final program deadlines in early fall.

How do I apply for UW nomination?

The campus application for nomination is now available at 

To be considered as part of the 2021-2022 nomination (which would assume a fall 2022 start date for graduate studies in the UK), students should submit the UW Campus Nomination Application to the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards by June 21, 2021.

Details and Guidance:

Interested students & alumni should contact the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards and obtain information describing the campus screening process. For the best results, interested students should begin preparations early, prior to the campus application deadline. Additional information can be found on the George Mitchell Scholarship website:

Please note that this is a long process. Nominees are identified in the spring, work on their final application for the national Mitchell competition over the spring and summer, to meet the fall national application deadline, and if selected, would start their studies in Ireland the following fall. So planning and applying 1.5 years in advance of when you want to start your studies in Ireland is necessary!

Applicants and nominees for the Churchill, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, and Gates Cambridge scholarships should take advantage of OMSFA’s Global Fellowships Prep program to get advising support, connection to additional scholarship opportunities supporting their goals, application development tools and resources, potential connections to program alumni and additional mentors, and the opportunity to engage with peers working on similar applications.

Campus application materials: apply at

  • Basic biographical and educational information, including your proposed graduate program(s) in the UK
  • 2 letters of recommendation: At least one letter must be from a faculty member who has taught you, which addresses intellectual curiosity, academic potential, preparation and potential for success in the proposed graduate program(s), and character. At least one of your recommenders should also be able to speak in support of your extra-curricular, experiential learning (including research), and/or leadership experiences, how you have demonstrated motivation and potential with respect to community, campus leadership, research and/or public service.
  • A list of 2-6 additional supporters, at least 2-3 must be faculty from whom you have received instruction.
  • Short essays (please feel free to access the online application to see additional details and guidance about these essays):
    • Research Experience: provide a statement of 500 words or less describing any current or previous research experience
    • Leadership and/or Service Experience: provide a statement of 500 words or less describing 2 to 3 significant leadership experiences and/or public service engagements
    • Meaningful Milestones: provide a statement of 500 words or less describing 2 to 3 significant academic or professional milestones
    • Future Goals/Future Impacts: provide a statement of 500 words or less describing the work you want to be engaged in that you hope will make a contribution or difference in the world
    • Proposed Studies and Why UK/Ireland: provide a statement of 800 words or less describing the UK or Irish graduate program(s) you hope to do, sharing reasons for these choices and preferred universities. Please address: Why are these programs a good fit for you? Why these universities? Who do you hope to work with? Why the UK and/or Ireland? What aspects of the US/UK and/or US/Irish relationship(s) are relevant to you and/or your field of study? Those hoping to read for a research degree should give a brief overview of the research they wish to undertake and with whom they would like to work.
  • Resume/CV
  • Unofficial transcripts.

Please note that not every scholarship this campus application covers is looking for the same qualities and experiences from candidates. So approach these short essays as opportunities to share information about yourself in various areas. But don't be dissuaded from applying if you are stronger, or have more to write about, in one area than another!


The Mitchell Scholars Program is a national competitive fellowship sponsored by the US-Ireland Alliance. The Mitchell Scholars Program, named to honor former US Senator George Mitchell's pivotal contribution to the Northern Ireland peace process, is designed to introduce and connect generations of future American leaders to the island of Ireland, while recognizing and fostering intellectual achievement, leadership, and a commitment to public service and community.

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