Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity Project Grants

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The Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity (CCDE) will provide up to three small research grants, each up to $5,000, to support collaborative projects that involve academic-community partnerships to address local health equity concerns. The focus of the CCDE’s work this year is “Health Equity Research & Advocacy in WA.” Our yearly program highlights community-based health equity research, in particular efforts to address health disparities that disproportionately impact marginalized communities in Washington State. Proposals should address some of the following questions:

  • How can academic-community partnerships help address racial health disparities through research and advocacy?
  • What are some engaged research models that can positively impact the wellbeing of marginalized communities?
  • How can interdisciplinary approaches help tackle our state’s most pressing health equity concerns?

The goal of the research grants is to encourage collaboration between faculty, students, staff, and community partners in ways that foster mentorship and the co-production of knowledge.


  • Up to $5,000 in financial support for research expenses such as: travel, equipment, summer stipend, visiting speakers, events, training, or other expenses allowed within UW budgetary requirements
  • Quarterly workshops, faculty support, and methods consultations
  • Meeting space provided by the CCDE
  • Opportunities for dissemination
  • Projects must be collaborative in nature, co-led by a UW student, faculty, or staff, and a community partner (new partnerships are welcome to apply but must establish commitment)
  • Projects must propose a research component that addresses local health equity concerns (research methods and outcomes will vary by discipline)
  • Projects must intentionally engage with issues of equity, race and its intersections i.e., gender, class, sexuality, disability, citizenship
  • The research team will be required to present their project at the CCDE annual conference during Spring quarter
  • The research teams will be required to attend a collective meeting once per quarter to share progress and troubleshoot challenges.
  • Projects and teams may be highlighted on the CCDE website
Student Type
  • freshman
  • sophomore
  • junior
  • senior
  • graduate
Citizen Type


  • Project Title
  • Name and affiliation of team members (please note that at least one team member must be affiliated with UW as student, faculty, or staff)
  • Contact of faculty advisor or mentor (for students only)
  • Project description (background, rationale, questions) [400 words max]
  • Research methodology [400 words max]
  • Mentorship (what is the role of mentorship in your team)
  • Project Timeline
  • Budget narrative (how do you expect to use the funds provided?)
  • Expected future research or outcomes
Contact Information

Gina Aaftaab, Ph.D.

Assistant Director 

Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity

Department of Communication

Box 353740