American Sociological Association (ASA) Minority Fellowship Program

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Through its Minority Fellowship Program (MFP), the American Sociological Association (ASA) supports the development and training of sociologists of color in any sub-area or specialty in the discipline. Funded by generous annual contributions from organizations such as Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociologists for Women in Society, the Midwest Sociological Society, the Association for Black Sociologists, Southwestern Sociological Association, as well as membership donations, MFP seeks to attract talented doctoral students to ensure a diverse and highly trained workforce is available to assume leadership roles in research that is relevant to today’s global society.


The Minority Fellowship Program, funded by ASA and annual contributions from Sociologists for Women in Society, Alpha Kappa Delta, the Association for Black Sociologists, the Southwestern Sociological Society, the Midwest Sociological Society, the Eastern Sociological Society, the Pacific Sociological Association, the Southern Sociological Society, and generous individual member contributions, is primarily, but not solely, designed for minority students sufficiently advanced in their Ph.D. program to demonstrate their commitment to a research career. MFP APPLICANTS MUST BE ENROLLED IN (AND HAVE COMPLETED ONE FULL ACADEMIC YEAR) IN A PROGRAM THAT GRANTS THE PHD IN SOCIOLOGY AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION.

MFP Fellows are selected on the basis of their commitment to research, the focus of their research experience, academic achievement, scholarship, writing ability, research potential, financial need, and racial/ethnic minority background. Specifically, applicants must be members of one of the following racial/ethnic groups:

  • Blacks/African Americans
  • Latinos/as (e.g., Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans)
  • American Indians or Alaskan Natives
  • Asians (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian, South Asian)
  • Pacific Islanders (e.g., Hawaiian, Guamanian, Samoan, Filipino)

Fellows must be citizens or non-citizen nationals of the U.S., or have been lawfully admitted to the U.S. for permanent residence, or be eligible under DACA.

Student Type
  • graduate
Citizen Type
  • Us Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • International or Other Visa Status

Materials are available at

MFP Application

All application materials must be submitted online by January 31st, except for transcripts which can be mailed separately. A complete application package consists of:

  • Completed Fellowship Application
  •  2 Essays
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Transcript from PhD-granting institution only (unofficial is ok)
  • Curriculum vitae

For 45 years, the MFP has supported nearly 500 Fellows in pursuit of a doctoral degree in sociology. Areas of interest for former Fellows include social psychology, gender and sexuality, education, medicine and health, inequalities and stratification, race and ethnicity, and more. All of these areas of research and expertise are not just important for the growth of the discipline, but also to address important issues facing society. Sociologists have much to contribute to these research agendas, and many former Fellows have published or presented their work at leading conferences in their specialty area.

In addition to providing financial support, MFP works with its Fellows and their faculty mentors to help prepare the Fellow for a research career. Also, MFP plans workshops and paper sessions at the ASA Annual Meeting, offers travel support to scientific conferences, and fosters the development of formal and informal networks for Fellows.

Applications are reviewed and evaluated by the ASA Minority Fellowship Program Advisory Panel. Panel members are appointed by the ASA Executive Officer and approved by ASA Council. The Advisory Panel convenes annually in early spring to select finalists. Pending funding, the awards are announced by April 30.

The annual stipend for each award (August 1- July 31) is $18,000. In addition, arrangements for the payments of tuition is made with universities or departments. There are also limited funds available for travel to the ASA Annual Meeting each August, regional or aligned association meetings in the spring or fall, and professional development training programs and workshops.  

Contact Information

Minority Fellowship Program
1430 K Street, NW  Suite 600
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