UW Honors Program Scholarships

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The Honors Program provides scholarship opportunities for students currently enrolled in the Program. These scholarships are supported through gifts from alumni, faculty, foundations and other stakeholders who understand the value of a rigorous interdisciplinary education grounded in reflection.  Their investments support students taking up the challenge of Interdisciplinary and/or Departmental Honors. 

Please contact uwhonors@uw.edu if you have any questions about the scholarship application process.

*Please note: To be eligible to apply for a current Honors Program scholarship, students must be accepted to the Honors Program and currently taking classes at UW. Students must be in good standing as determined by the Honors Program requirements.

Please review the list of scholarships available at https://honors.uw.edu/scholarships/current-scholarships/#descriptions.


For these scholarships, “class standing” is determined by your year at UW, not total credits:

  • a first-year student is a freshman (rising sophomore)
  • a second-year student is a sophomore (rising junior)
  • a third-year student is a junior (rising senior)

All applicants must be active and in good standing within their respective Honors track(s) to be reviewed for any scholarship.

Students must be enrolled during autumn – spring and in good standing in Honors to receive scholarship funds. Awardees who wish to use the “Honors Program Scholarship” towards a study abroad program in summer must contact our office to arrange for early disbursal. Note: Scholarships awarded in the form of tuition waivers cannot be used to cover the costs of study abroad program fees.

Please review the full list of scholarships to see which ones fit for you: https://honors.uw.edu/scholarships/current-scholarships/#eligibility

Student Type
  • freshman
  • sophomore
  • junior
  • senior
Citizen Type
  • US Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • International or Other Visa Status
  • Undocumented

Apply online at https://honors.uw.edu/scholarships/current-scholarships/#how_to_apply

Submit one Honors Scholarship Application for each award you are applying for. Your response to question 5 will direct you to the appropriate essay topic for that scholarship. You may apply for multiple scholarships, but must submit them one at a time.

Contact Information

Please contact uwhonors@uw.edu if you have any questions about the scholarship application process.