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Israel and the Middle East are constantly at the center of world attention. The area’s geopolitical significance, regional conflicts that affect global stability, and the hopes and fears emanating from the “Arab Spring” and the recent rise of ISIS all contribute to widespread interest in this field of study. RIS provides an interdisciplinary approach to this exciting area of study, combining courses from relevant fields such as religious studies, history, conflict studies, international relations, political systems, sociology, anthropology, geography, Hebrew, and Arabic.

As a student of Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School (RIS), you will have the opportunity to study with leading scholars while living in Jerusalem, one of the most important and dynamic cities in the Middle East. Your studies will include field trips and meetings with expert practitioners. In some programs, you will be encouraged to intern with one of a number of organizations or research institutes. Learn more about our programs at


Eligibility varies by scholarship. Please see the scholarship information on the website for complete details.

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  • US Citizen
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