Navy SEAL Foundation Scholarships

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The Navy SEAL Foundation empowers active-duty NSW personnel, their spouses, and children, as well as our SEAL and SWCC post-9/11 veterans, by awarding scholarships for higher education. We also support quality education options for dependent children in geographically separated duty locations where choices matter to the overall success of the student. Additionally, the Foundation provides funding for standardized college entrance exams for qualified transitioning NSW service members.

The educational support we provide augments funding accessible through Navy programs and provides additional financial resources that would not otherwise be available. Your support of our mission helps to ensure members of the NSW community can pursue educational goals that are as crucial in the military as they are in the civilian world.

The Navy SEAL Foundation is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities to eligible NSW community members. We offer two scholarship cycles per year.

NSF Scholarships Cycle One: Open for applications from January until February
NSF Scholarships Cycle Two: Open for applications in June.

NSF scholarships are intended to provide our community with opportunities to expand their educational pursuits. Scholarships can be used for vocational, certificate, licensure, and post-secondary programs, such as Bachelors or Associates Degrees, and may also include graduate degree scholarship opportunities for qualifying applicants.


Active-duty NSW personnel, their spouses, and children, as well as SEAL and SWCC post-9/11 veterans.

Student Type
  • freshman
  • sophomore
  • junior
  • senior
  • graduate
Citizen Type
  • US Citizen
  • Permanent Resident

Application cycles depend on your status as active-duty, spouse, child, or veteran. Please see for complete details.

Contact Information

Navy SEAL Foundation; 1619 D Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23459