Department of History Undergraduate Scholarships and Prizes

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The Department of History offers a variety of undergraduate scholarship opportunities, including:

  • Faye Wilson Scholarship
  • Lois and Maurice Schwartz Fellowship for Non-Western History
  • Sleizer Scholarship
  • Freedman Remak Family Scholarship for Non-Resident
  • Bryan Phillips Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
  • Bicknell Fund for Academic Travel
  • The Denison-Kernaghan Award
  • The Meder-Montgomery Award
  • Thomas Power Prize for History Research Papers
  • York-Mason Award for Research Projects About African Americans in the American West
  • Pressly Prize for Excellence in Secondary Education

Please read the descriptions of the various scholarship and prize funds available to UW history students. Each description states the intention of the award and its eligibility requirements.

Please note that Department of History scholarships and awards have no restrictions on the basis of citizenship status; all eligible students are welcome and we especially encourage Underrepresented Minority and undocumented students to apply.

Student Type
  • freshman
  • sophomore
  • junior
  • senior
Citizen Type
  • US Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • International or Other Visa Status
  • Undocumented
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