Corbett Scholarship

Website: The Corbett British Columbia-Washington International Exchange Program Fund


The Corbett Exchange is intended to build a community of students committed to strengthening mutual understanding of Canada and the US in the Pacific Northwest. Undergraduate and graduate students from any field of study are welcome to participate in the exchange program.

Students from the University of Washington will receive $10,000 to spend an academic year at either the University of British Columbia (UBC) or the University of Victoria (UVic), or $5,000 per semester.

Students from UBC and UVic will receive $12,000 to attend the University of Washington for an academic year, or $4,000 per quarter.

  • $5,000 (U.S.) per semester, $10,000 per academic year for UW recipients, disbursed each semester
  • $4,000 (U.S.) per quarter, $12,000 per academic year for UBC recipients, disbursed quarterly
  • Must be full-time undergraduate students in good standing at the UW, UBC, or UVic (including satellite campuses).
  • U.S. or Canadian citizenship, or permanent residency.
  • English language fluency.
  • Meet exchange requirements for their host school.
Student Type
  • freshman
  • sophomore
  • junior
  • senior
Citizen Type
  • US Citizen
  • Permanent Resident

UW students: In order to be considered, students must complete the award application below. Upon selection, students will apply for a direct academic exchange through the study abroad office. Successful applicants must also complete a simple partner application to their desired host school.


Contact Information

UW contacts:

Marion Ferguson, Program Manager

206-221-6374 |

UBC contact:

Go Global office:

UVic contact:

International Student Services office: