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The Atlas Shrugged novel essay contest is for students with a passion for reading and writing.

How the selection works:

  • Seasonal Prompts - every 3 months there is a new seasonal entry round, with its own unique essay prompt. You may compete in any or all of these entry rounds.
  • Seasonal Winners - the top 3 essays from each season will be awarded a cash prize. The first place essay from each season will advance to compete for the annual grant prize.
  • Annual Grant Prize - 1st place essays from each season will be eligible to contend for the annual first-place title, with an opportunity to secure a grand prize of $25,000.

Each entry round features a unique topic designed to provoke a deeper understanding of Atlas Shrugged’s central themes and characters. Essays must be written in English only and be between 800 and 1,600 words in length.


Open to all high school, college and graduate students worldwide. 

Our doors are open to participants coming from any part of the world. We have no restrictions on citizenship or nationality, welcoming essays from all, provided they are in English. We welcome submissions from both undergraduate and graduate students.

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