Ali Mojtahedi Humanities and Engineering Nexus Scholarship

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The Mojtahedi Humanities and Engineering Nexus Scholarship supports UW undergraduate students pursuing academic studies in any field in the College of Engineering or the Allen School and any arts, humanities, or social sciences field in the College of Arts & Science.


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Students are not required to have declared multiple eligible majors in order to apply for the scholarship. While selected students will typically have declared majors or minors in eligible departments, students who are early in their studies and who have not yet declared multiple majors can apply for the scholarship. Admitted ENGRUD students are also eligible to apply to receive the scholarship in their first year at UW.

Disciplines within the Division of Natural Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences are not considered eligible disciplines for this scholarship, except for Psychology which is an eligible field.

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The online application form can be accessed here: Full eligibility and application information are on the application page.

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