Robert J. Meyer Organic Farming Scholarships

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This scholarship is intended to grant college tuition funds and supplement college costs to local individuals, who have a similar interest in organic and sustainable agriculture, as did Robert J. Meyer. In addition, applicants should have a commitment, the disposition and passion for gaining the knowledge, skills, and business & the technical aptitude that will result in making a contribution to improve South Puget Sound based sustainable organic agriculture system and ecosystem

Through this scholarship, the Meyer Family desires to keep Robert’s vision alive by assisting individuals in pursuing their vision of a sustainable south sound region, through undergraduate and graduate educational pursuits. FOFM is proud to offer assistance to individuals passionate about pursuing educational studies in sustainable agriculture, organic farming, sustainable ecosystems or South Sound regional organic farming and ranching.


College tuition funds and supplemental college costs to local individuals, who have career interests in sustainability, sustainable organic agriculture, farming or ranching or sustainable ecosystems. In addition to farming, applicants may pursue knowledge and skills in the business & technical aspects of sustainable organic agriculture systems and ecosystems to improve our communities in the South Puget Sound.

Must be a current resident of the Washington counties of Thurston, Lewis, or Mason or live in or attend high school in Elma or Montesano. 

Intend to enroll in an education institution or engage in an educational opportunity which will be brought back to the South Puget Sound Region of Western Washington State. 

Desire to concentrate their education in one of the following fields of study: agricultural sustainability, organic farming/ranching, sustainable ecosystems or the business and technical aspects of those within the South Sound Region of Western Washington.

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  • freshman
  • sophomore
  • junior
  • senior
  • graduate
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  • Fill out the scholarship application completely – submission deadline annually is- April 30.
  • Upon receipt of the application the FOFM Robert J. Meyer Scholarship Committee will review the applicants, invite chosen applicants for a personal interview, and then give recommendations to the Board of the Friends of the Olympia Farmer’s Market ( FOFM) to approve and fund the applicants.
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