Athgo International Internships

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Interactive Media Producer

The Interactive Media Producer will work closely with Athgo Social Media and Design teams as well as Global Innovation Forum Coordinator in all aspects of program planning, creation, and implementation of multimedia content and products.

Video productions will be created for the purposes of informational campaigns for the Organization’s next Global Innovation Forum. The intern must be based in or near Los Angeles.

  1. Experience in video production
  2. Experience in audio production
  3. Experience in script writing
  4. Working knowledge in photography
  5. Working knowledge in journalism
  6. Working knowledge in digital graphics
  7. Working knowledge in web design
  8. Working knowledge in interactive media


Social Media Strategist

Reaching out to all those that love Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and so on. Wouldn’t you love an internship where you reach out to your friends and many others and inform them about the great work that is being done? This is YOUR chance!

Apply to be a social media intern and immediately start trending on twitter, blasting on Facebook, and pinning on Pinterest. Learn and share with others entrepreneurial knowledge, non-profit management, and startup and business development skills, and how Athgo aims to develop the latter two through information and communication technology. Join us and make new friends and connections that you can then add to your Linkedin and Facebook.


  1. Researching, strategizing, planning, and executing the expansion of Athgo International’s social media presence and outreach.
  1. Create a comprehensive social media strategy to increase visibility and traffic, then implement and manage programs.
  1. Converting the Organization’s existing social media material, including contacts and videos into libraries.



  1. Prior knowledge and experience in digital video management and production and web, graphic or mixed media art/design would be great.
  1. An ideal candidate would be someone with an expansive network, reaching out to community members and a diverse population of prominent figures, including celebrities. Yet, we invite those that wish to expand their network and refine their communication, recruiting, and community outreach skills.
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